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Natalie & Quentin

MAY 14, 2019


Filed in: {engagements, portraits}

This shoot comes with a really fun story! I posted online for some models to use for a spring blossom shoot at Independence Dam State Park, and ending up choosing Natalie & Quentin, the sweetest couple ever. They were amazing, and went out of their way to work with me on my vision with outfits, hats, and everything else. But the best part about this shoot is that they actually ended up getting engaged the night before! I was thrilled when they showed up and told me the big news. So it turned into an engagement shoot for them which made it all the more special. And to top if off, they ended up hiring me to shoot their beautiful wedding in Findlay, Ohio. Natalie is the most organized and detail-oriented bride, which is basically a wedding photographer's dream!

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